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Working virtually  with students across the country to assess their needs, find their preferred style of learning, and increase their confidence and skills.

Subjects + Courses

Math Notebook and Calculator


One-on-one assessment of concept comprehension and individual support tailored to each student's needs, with a focus on confidence building and enjoyment. Let's make math fun!


We offer math tutoring for a broad range of math classes, including elementary and middle school math, algebra, geometry, algebra II, precalculus, statistics, AB and BC calculus, and multivariable calculus.

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Specialized support in biology, chemistry, and physics, including assistance with strengthening math skills needed for each science course. Every science tutor at Catapult has experience working one-on-one within their course – and many have spent time working as a classroom teacher as well.


We offer science tutoring for a variety of levels of biology, chemistry, and physics, including regular, intensified/advanced, IB, and AP.


+ More

Many tutors at Catapult have other areas of expertise beyond the math and science realms. With personalized experience in a variety of subjects, we would be happy to chat about getting you the help you need!


We are happy to help with: economics, English, essay writing, various languages, and select history courses.


About Catapult Tutoring

Nice to meet you! I'm Jacqui Anders, the founder of Catapult Tutoring. I graduated with a 4.0 from Vassar College in 2019 with a degree in math and drama. That combination may seem odd, but it's been extraordinarily helpful in  finding ways to be creative and personal with each individual student.

I started tutoring when I was in middle and high school in Arlington, VA, helping my classmates after school and eventually working with younger children for the National Honor Society. In college, I began tutoring professionally – and I've been hooked ever since. I'm especially passionate about helping each student discover the joy of learning!


Since graduating, I've worked with students across the country to strengthen their confidence and skills in math. In 2023, my company expanded to include new tutors and offer new subjects. As my company grows, I'm excited to help students in new areas of study, and I take pride in matching each student with the tutor that is best for them.

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What Students Say

"Jacqui is an absolutely amazing teacher! She was able to teach in a way that made me feel smart and not judged when I would ask questions. She is efficient and exceedingly kind. She was able to teach me an entire semester of math in two months and without her I would’ve failed my class. She really takes the time to make sure you understand the material as well. I loved working with Jacqui and if I ever need help with math again she’ll be the first person I reach out to."

Skylar H
College Math 100

What Parents Say

"Jacqui saved our daughter’s year! Our child is a Sophomore in high school and takes Algebra II. We investigated and tried free tutoring from the county and peer to peer sessions. Improvement didn’t occur. I was then referred to Jacqui. There were immediate positive results from working with Jacqui! Instead of going into exams nervous, our child now feels well prepared. She returns from school excited about how she performed. How do you value improved confidence? From a business perspective, Jacqui is efficient and accurate with scheduling and billing. Jacqui is a joy to communicate with and is incredibly positive minded. She provides excellent leadership and detailed instruction. We could not be more pleased with Jacqui!"

Eric S
Algebra 2, Precalculus

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