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About Catapult Tutoring

Catapult Tutoring came to life in 2020, when the world switched to remote learning. Driven by a desire to keep online education fun and engaging, founder Jacqui Anders began working with students across the country to support their education with one-on-one instruction.


Catapult Tutoring began as a one-woman-operation for math tutoring and has grown into a multi-tutor, multi-subject program. Founder Jacqui graduated from Vassar College with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in math and drama. This unconventional combination has proven invaluable in her approach to tutoring, allowing her to infuse sessions with creativity while maintaining a personalized touch for each student. Today, Catapult Tutoring offers a diverse range of subjects and experienced tutors, each committed to personalized and effective education. We take pride in our ability to match each student with the tutor best suited to their unique needs – you can read more about each tutor's background and approach below.


At Catapult Tutoring, we believe that a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment is key to academic success. Our commitment to creating a setting of ease and fun during sessions reflects our belief that students learn best when relaxed and confident. 



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Founder & Head Math Tutor

Nice to meet you! I'm Jacqui Anders, the founder and head math tutor of Catapult Tutoring. I'm based in Los Angeles, but I'm a cross-country transplant from the northern Virginia area – and I currently work with students in seven different states across the country!


I graduated with a 4.0 from Vassar College with a degree in math and drama. That combination may seem odd, but it's been extraordinarily helpful in finding ways to be creative and personal with each individual student. I strive to create an environment of comfort and fun during sessions, because I believe that students learn best when relaxed and confident. I'm especially passionate about helping each student discover the joy of learning! 

I started tutoring when I was in middle and high school, helping my classmates after school and eventually working with younger children for the National Honor Society. In college, I began tutoring professionally – and I've been hooked ever since. Since graduating, I've worked with students across the country to strengthen their confidence and skills in math. As my company grows, I'm excited to be able to offer different subjects and tutors, and I take pride in matching each student with the tutor that is best for them.

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Math Tutor

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Liesl Jaeger, and I'm a Seattle based educator. I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown University in 2018 and worked at an aerospace engineering company for several years before pivoting to teaching. In 2023 I graduated from Seattle University with a Master's in Teaching and became a certified mathematics teacher in secondary education in the state of Washington. I'm passionate about math education – I love math and I love helping young people see the beauty and joy in math. 

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Physics Tutor

Hi! I’m Emily Joseph, and I am a fourth year Physics PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I graduated on the dean’s list with a dual degree in physics and materials science & engineering from University of Washington in 2020. While in undergrad at UW I spent three years as a TA for the intro physics courses which sparked my love of teaching. I love interacting with students and helping them grasp the fundamentals of physics and develop an intuition for the laws that govern our world.



Math & Science Tutor

Hello! My name is Henry Wang and I'm an educator based in Brooklyn, New York. I got my undergraduate degree in Statistics and Economics from Harvard University, after which I worked in finance and tech for a few years. During those years, I began volunteering as a mentor and a tutor. Having tutored on and off since middle school, I always found tutoring to be a great way to both share my love of learning and form meaningful relationships. In fact, my positive experiences volunteering convinced me to go into teaching. I got a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and taught three years of high school math and statistics at a charter school in Boston. In that time, I was lucky enough to play countless hours of volleyball and soccer at lunchtime, perform as a Thespian in several school plays and musicals, and serve as an advisor for the Model UN team.


Working with students in a school setting taught me that every student has a different way they want to learn. As a tutor, I find so much joy in figuring out the way a student learns best, and tailoring my teaching style to match. I also love to incorporate students’ interests and experiences into my materials to keep lessons relevant and important. In the future when my students reflect on our sessions, I hope they not only find that they gained useful skills and knowledge, but also that they genuinely enjoyed the process.


Outside of tutoring, I recently moved to New York and co-founded a company called After School Robotics. We build and sell an educational robot called Brainybot, which students program in order to learn computer science principles. In my free time, you can catch me playing soccer, biking around the city, or going to the movies.



Math, Chemistry, & Biology Tutor

I first fell in love with tutoring during high school. I started tutoring my peers during a particularly difficult Calculus class, and that soon grew into a full blown tutoring business. I started small, just students in my high school, but as I learned more knowledge and become more accustomed to tutoring, I began getting referrals to other clients. I tutored their little siblings, their friends and everyone in between. 

After graduating with a 4.0 from my community college, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Physiology at UCSD and graduated with a healthy respect for our amazing brain and how versatile it is. I learned about meta cognition and the process of how learning happens and how to optimize it. My Masters was in Neurobiology with a focus in Education – particularly teaching students how to take tests effectively and learn strategies for success.


I’ve gone to educational conferences and presented my own research, and I’ve been trained as an SI (Supplemental Instructor) leader for over 5 years, where I hosted student study sessions 3 times per week. Now, I work with clients from all over the world. 

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