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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Martha M (Algebra 2, Precalculus):

"We are huge fans of Catapult Tutoring. We are truly grateful for Jacqui! She has a remarkable ability to teach complex, higher-level math concepts and make them understandable. She helped our child not only do well, but to truly learn the material. She made a huge difference and we cannot thank her enough!"

A.U. (ACT Math, College Algebra):

"I cannot recommend Jacqui enough! She has helped build my daughter’s confidence in math so much. When I heard my daughter say she enjoyed math, I thought I might cry! She has struggled with math her entire school career and hearing her say she actually liked it was amazing!! Not only is Jacqui an amazing math tutor, she is a wonderful person. My daughter looked forward to every session with her! ❤️"

L.N. (Algebra 2, Dual Enrollment Precalculus):

"I am not super big on leaving reviews or making recommendations but this one is so important to me and to our family that I just have to. My daughter is about to take her last math test for the year. She went from hating math and doing poorly to loving math and doing well. She went to bed tonight with confidence knowing she was ready and all of this is credited to the talented Jacqui. I recommend her without reservation!"

Eric S (Algebra 2, Precalculus):

"Jacqui saved our daughter’s year! Our child is a Sophomore in high school and takes Algebra II. We investigated and tried free tutoring from the county and peer to peer sessions. Improvement didn’t occur. I was then referred to Jacqui. There were immediate positive results from working with Jacqui! Instead of going into exams nervous, our child now feels well prepared. She returns from school excited about how she performed. How do you value improved confidence? From a business perspective, Jacqui is efficient and accurate with scheduling and billing. Jacqui is a joy to communicate with and is incredibly positive minded. She provides excellent leadership and detailed instruction. We could not be more pleased with Jacqui!"

Pamela A (Geometry, Statistics & Algebra):

"Jacqui has been tutoring my son in geometry since January. She is the 4th or 5th tutor we’ve had and is the first one that has seemed to make a huge difference in both his understanding of the concepts and his attitude. He started off the year getting a D and he just got an A on his last test and will end the year with a B. I can’t recommend Jacqui highly enough!"

Julia Y (Biology & Geometry):

"Catapult Tutoring has been absolutely fantastic for my high school freshman son. He started the year feeling anxious and underprepared for math and science, and Nanea has helped him not only improve his study skills and improve his academic performance, but also feel way more confident in the classroom."

Nam W (Algebra 2/Trigonometry):

 "My son is in Intensified Algebra 2/Trig and has really made huge leaps in mastery of the material since working with Jacqui. His comfort and confidence in class has significantly improved. We highly recommend Jacqui and found her remote sessions to be very convenient."

Caroline G (Algebra 1, Geometry):

 "We are so grateful for the AMAZING impact Jacqui has had on our daughter in just two months of Algebra 1 tutoring. Her confidence and grades have skyrocketed!"

Julia (Precalculus, AP Calculus BC):

 "Jacqui is a fantastic tutor and we can't recommend her enough! You will not regret hiring Jacqui!!!"

Keri (Algebra Functions online course):

 "Best math tutor ever! Just wanted to give a shout out to Jacqui who is an unbelievable tutor. She worked with my junior last year (over a 6 month period) and was patient and kind and was able to make a great connection where my child actually enjoyed math for once! She is so talented and really good at what she does! I hope if your child needs some help you'll reach out and talk to her!"

Regina (Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry):

 "Jacqui was the life saver that we needed for our son who was struggling in Algebra 2/Trig. Besides helping with review and studying, she helped him with his confidence level which was most important to us. Our son resonated with Jacqui's teaching methods and we were impressed with her proactiveness dealing with the school and the situation."

Julia (Intensified Algebra 2/Trigonometry):

 "Jacqui was a wonderful tutor. My daughter looked forward to her sessions with Jacqui. While her grades did improve, I think the most valuable outcome was that my daughter's confidence improved. We were so lucky to find Jacqui, we only wish we had found her sooner!"

Nancy (Algebra 1):

"Jacqui is amazing. She is friendly and does a great job of engaging and encouraging my son. He has learned so much from her and has gained confidence about his math skills."

Dana (Algebra 2):

 "Jacqui is not only brilliant across a range of math topics, she is expert at explaining and breaking down complex topics into understandable pieces for frustrated students. My kids have also loved getting to know her and so enjoy the time they spend together each week."


"My son loved working with Jacqui. She is very sweet and easy to feel comfortable with. She gave him many tips and tricks to help him solve his math problems. He got his grade up from a C to an A in just one quarter by working with Jacqui."

Dave P (5th grade math):

"Jacqui was a godsend for my child.  She was able to tailor the teaching in such a way that was both engaging and educational for my easily distracted child.  I will definitely be turning to Jacqui again next time we run into a bout of challenging mathematics!"

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Stella (Calculus):

"Working with Jacqui was amazing. Her positive and enthusiastic attitude helped me understand content I was struggling with. Jacqui made sure to try alternative approaches in her teaching methods to ensure I thoroughly understood the material. She is wonderful and makes math more bearable!"

Josh (AP AB Calculus):

"[My experience with Catapult Tutoring] was amazing. Jacqui was nothing short of incredible and I could not have asked for a better tutor. She always made herself available if a question arose, and I would not have gotten through this year without her. Again, thank you for everything!!"

Skylar H. (College Math 100):

"Jacqui is an absolutely amazing teacher! She was able to teach in a way that made me feel smart and not judged when I would ask questions. She is efficient and exceedingly kind. She was able to teach me an entire semester of math in two months and without her I would’ve failed my class. She really takes the time to make sure you understand the material as well. I loved working with Jacqui and if I ever need help with math again she’ll be the first person I reach out to."

Madeline L. (Calculus):

"Jacqui was the perfect tutor for me! She was clear, understanding, patient, beyond helpful, and so kind on top of it all. I have her to thank for my A in Calculus. I couldn’t recommend a better tutor!!"

Layla M. (Calculus):

 "Jacqui was an amazing tutor. She was so patient and passionate. She was one of the first tutors that I had that finally understood that not one way of learning works for everyone. Jacqui took time to figure out what way of learning works for me and kept trying new tactics until I reached that point. I had an amazing time working with Jacqui!"

Pace S. (Applied Calculus):

"Jacqui was such a kind and helpful tutor. She was always on time and was very well prepared with the material we were working with. She was great at explaining things and made sure to answer all of my questions clearly. I also like how she paid attention to the formatting my professor liked to use which was very helpful when it came to turning in assignments and tests. She was great at communicating and always answered my questions outside of sessions as well! Jacqui is amazing!"

S.I.S. (AP Calculus AB):

 "Amazing!!! [Jacqui] has helped me SO much in AP Calculus!! I had a teacher that I didn't learn well from and I was truly struggling. Thankfully, Jacqui helped me turn my grade around and develop a better understanding of calculus!!"

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